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Kayla Varicalli

Marketing Manager, GKN Powder Metallurgy

To be innovative, a company needs a mindset of “how do we make the ‘best’ even better?”

Joining GKN’s marketing team in 2017, I see the Innovation Blog as a platform that connects our team of engineering experts with customers and partners who help us shape the future. This blog is a space for our brightest minds to share, collaborate, and inform our audiences on the news and insights of GKN’s greatest ventures.

I am Kayla Varicalli, a Marketing Manager at GKN Powder Metallurgy. I specifically cover topics around lightweight technology, conventional powder metallurgy, new electric vehicles and metal powder. Beyond the title, my responsibility is to connect GKN’s innovative technology to the consumers who use our products each and every day. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Journalism from Oakland University and am currently studying for a Masters Degree in Mass Communication from the University of Florida.

As an avid storyteller, I am excited to see the Innovation Blog evolve as an innovative tool for creativity and collaboration. Here’s to the future of powder metal, and the stories connecting us together!

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