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Dr. Nils Bornemann

Imagination and cooperation are the “fuel cells“ for fast and effective developments that make the difference for our world. We need more efficient and sustainable materials and systems to enable the most future-orientated use of energy for living and transportation - everywhere in the world. This is what my team and I are working on every day – together with partners, scientists and our customers. Sharing ideas and receiving feedback from known and new contacts gives us the inspiration we need to drive our efforts and think out of the box for even better solutions. For me, that’s the most important idea behind this blog. I am Nils Bornemann, Physicist and Director of Advanced Technology with a special focus on our developments in hydrogen storage and electrification. I joined GKN after my PhD on printing technology for organic electronics from the Institute of Printing Science at the TU Darmstadt and have taken several roles in product and business development since. I love to work with young talents and share my enthusiasm for technical topics with them.

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