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Dr. Anne Lohoff

As Global Marketing Manager at GKN, I look forward to our blog igniting interest in the field of powder metals and inspiring the community with innovative ideas. And to creating a platform that encourages readers to exchange thoughts and ideas so we can develop these together. In the process, I hope our passion and excitement about the innovative potential of GKN’s Advanced Products spread and captivate the whole community.

I’m Dr. Anne Lohoff and I’ve been with GKN since 2015. My job is multi-faceted and includes responsibility for annual marketing plans, technical content of collateral materials, overseeing social media activities and trade fair projects as well as ‘translating’ highly complex and technical information into structured and interesting packages tailored to our customers. Prior to joining GKN, I was product manager for technical pumps at Gardner Denver after having completed my dissertation on “Management of information complexity” at Volkswagen AG.

To put it simply: come and join us for a fascinating ride into a future full of potential – and undoubtedly quite a few thrills!

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