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Alessandro DeNicolo

I am a passionate engineer, focused on technical challenges and excited about what PM technology can offer. The limits of technology are far ahead of where we are today, and it’s exciting to be a part of the process.

My name is Alessandro DeNicolo, and I am Vice President of Engineering, Global Small Components, located at GKN Bruneck in Italy. My expertise is in developing product selections for customer quotes, overseeing customer commitments, and coordinating tooling and design.

I approach our customers with energy and enthusiasm to increase their confidence in our technology. This is a very favorable period, especially for small components, because we are experiencing a revolution - the electrification of the vehicle. To me, this is the true meaning of innovation: adaption to the ever-evolving market.

Studying science and engineering at University of Trento, I was first introduced to Powder Metallurgy. I went on to complete a thesis on PM at the Fraunhofer Institute in Bremen, Germany. My career at GKN started in 2008 as Product Development Manager at the Bruneck plant. In 2010, I became Engineering Manager for the Bruneck and Bonn plants, and was subsequently promoted to my current role.

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