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Ümit Aydin

My name is Ümit Aydin. After receiving my diploma in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Duisburg, I quickly discovered that GKN and I are a perfect fit. Starting as a product & tool designer in 2002 and learning about the benefits and potential of Powder Metallurgy, I became completely addicted to everything having to do with metal powder very early on. Passionate in moving this technology forward, I transited to the role of Technology Director Europe until mid-2016.

I am committed to new technologies and new ways of doing things and am now excited to bring the life-changing technology of metal additive manufacturing to the next level. Identifying, developing and producing components with a new design methodology is fascinating. Our passion to make things faster and better brings us closer and closer to turning dreams into reality.

I am convinced that within the next few years the whole engineering world will change. A focus on the fundamental function of building a design instead of living with the compromises of subtractive machining technology will create many possibilities to make new products. Join us on our blog and let yourself get carried away by the world of additive manufacturing technology!

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